I’ve been thinking I should stop working so hard to suppress my impulses to – you know – shout #LockThemUp, #VoteThemOut, #ThrowAwayTheKey – tweet or troll inflammatory remarks – hand gesture or do whatever to alleviate stress.

Today, I finally had an opportunity to minimize my stress level. I saw something that I thought was downright disgusting.  In fact, I quickly diverted my eyes and commenced to exercise mind control to not give it further thought.  Too late; I’ve been challenged.

I knew what to do.  Using my super peripheral vision – I could make that fool believe he was the focus of my intention, when all the while I could incorporate at least three options to bring him down quickly.

I could lunge forward, a surprise attack, throw him off guard.  If my actions caused a disadvantage for me, I could use options to the left and right of him or simply cap him in the center of his head with my lethal weapon.  BAM!

Thing is, I would have to take him totally out.  He’s been hanging around for a while now, wreaking havoc. My movement must be swift and final.  Could I?  Would I – commit to dispose of him?  Dawn skippy I could and would!  I have so much pinned up emotion, I could justify doing it and feel righteous afterwards.

Meh, I exhausted, and my PTSD is festering.  I’ll take care of that giant spider later – maybe.