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Recently, I’ve been inundated with politics.  It hasn’t proven to be the healthiest lifestyle for me because of its uphill climb.  While many would say, I am acting like a sore loser, I beg to differ.

If my concern for others wellbeing paints me as a sore loser, I’ll wear that hat. If I elect to aid the homeless, to donate a few coins to the man who stands on the corner playing beautiful music with his instrument, and if I elect to feed the hungry and care for the sick or care about the environment- well – I will wear those hats also.

I will not, however, cut off my nose to spite my face.  I will not knowingly vote against my own survival simply because I hold personal prejudices against a person’s color, race, gender, religion and political affiliation.  I will not stand with paranoia – racism, sexism, homophobia or xenophobia.

Moreover, I am deeply disturbed by the actions and attitudes of “supremacist” towards, people of color, religion, sexual orientation and otherwise.  They have a proclivity to conquer and divide, creating chaos with those of opposing lifestyles and views that conflict with their agenda – those whom they deem deplorable and expendable.

My brother strongly advised me to, “Stay in your lane.  All that jumping up and down doesn’t change anything. Make a way for yourself with what’s left.”

I wanted to argue with him, but I chose to remain silent and listen to his reasoning.  While I empathize with his point of view, I would argue that ‘staying in ones’ lane lends itself to oppression and despair.  I refuse to succumb to neither.  The resistance to rollover and show my belly may seem fruitless to him. I, however, would rather be known as one who did not normalize their attitude and behavior to the point of nonexistent.     I matterWe matter.

Coexistence is possible without domination.  Attempting to purge lifestyles and people will and should cause intolerable imbalance for everyone.