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 My grandchildren went back to school last Wednesday; Friday evening my granddaughter said she was sick.  Okay – this is her first year attending school here and I figured she is likely to become ill since she is new to this region.  While her Mom attended her needs, I asked her to refrain from hanging out in my bedroom as they all like to do.  Next, the baby started feeling sickly.  But being a baby, not much was keeping him down during the day.  By Sunday, the middle grandson started complaining.  I did not want to hear nor believe it; I thought it was a case of empathy and wanting mommy attention too. 

It’s Monday, my stomach is a mess with cramps and nausea; my head is swirling around and I am only sitting in this chair typing this post watching him on his downhill slide with this virus thing.  He is the worst of the three; as soon as his temperature rises, he commences to moan and groan.  When he was an infant and he had a high temperature, he displayed the same trait.  It was so bad, one of the parent’s got up and announced he could not take it any longer and left the waiting room.  I have to admit, he did sound as if he were dying and it was hard to hear a baby moan in agony.    

 Anybody who knows me, knows I hate being sick.  I’ve been living with my family since I retired and ever since I have been subjected to the germs they bring home; and it is always during the school year.  In the past, I would totally remove myself from the ‘sick’ person.  But I can’t do that now; this is my family – I love them.  Although my granddaughter tried hard to keep her distance from me, it really is impossible since we are all sharing this space. 

But how do we stop this madness?  We are healthy eaters and rarely eat out.  We eat plenty of fruit (packed with acai and blueberries) and vegetables and the kids are typically not allowed ‘junk food’.  I hate being ill and am always in denial when I am.  I don’t believe in just laying down.  I have to move around and help myself if I can.  

My grandson asked me why I did not tell them I was not feeling well.  I said, because I don’t have a mommy to take care of me and your mom is quite busy taking care of the three of you.  He did not understand that.  Of course not; he could not possibly know that I do not allow his mother much latitude when she doesn’t feel well; mostly because she has children to raise and like my mother (who mentored me), we can’t just simply lay down and do nothing.

When I lived alone (out of state – far away from them) and had a bad case of the flu, for two weeks I had to get up take care of myself.   Then, there was the time I had knee surgery – and was on leave from work for six weeks – while a few friends attended to my needs, I spent 98% of the time alone.  So, I know it is possible to keep one foot in front of the other.  Don’t get me wrong, I do help my daughter a lot, but foremost, she is the mother and I like the privilege of being the grandmother and all that it entails. 

If the school year is starting out like this; I dread what could be coming.  I only hope our immunity will kick in and the rest of the school year will not negatively impact us.