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It is difficult finding inexpensive gluten free food, let alone soup in a can.  Since everyone was feeling ill in our household, including my grandbaby who has Celiac Disease, I had the challenge of coming up with a soothing meal. 

When he was diagnosed with CD, it forced me to examine some of my own health issues.  The disease is often hereditary and upon seeing and learning the affect it had on him, I began to understand the health issues I have been living with for many, many decades. I guess it was easy to accept my issues and internalize them to the point of blaming myself (because the doctor did not have an answer).  I always knew there had to be an explanation but had given up after numerous general practitioners, internist and osteopathic doctors failed to identify my problem.  After all, I did not have any real health issues (at the time) that were visible to them other than my weight and the irritable bowels – constipation – diarrhea. 

I had one doctor who came very close to diagnosis; he took me off of all carbs – including fruit.  I lost a lot of weight but other issues surfaced that required additional medications and supplements to combat.  The worse part for me were the debilitating migraines (I had not suffered with in more than a decade.) that the no carb diet triggered.  Eventually, I had to give up the diet and needless to say, I gained the weight back almost immediately. 

Admittedly, I am a self-diagnosed gluten sensitive individual.  Given my past history with medical doctors, I did not want nor need one of them to solidify what my body knew long before I (or they) accepted or realized that gluten is an issue for me. 

Needless to say that for the most part, we have become a gluten free family since half are sensitive and half are not. So when everyone was feeling ill, I was challenged to come up with a meal that we all could eat and feel comforted by.  Naturally, chicken soup came to mind.  But I was not in the mood to cook it from scratch.  So I bought:

32 oz. container of organic, gluten free, chicken broth, frozen peas and carrots and gluten free (brown rice) pasta and a half of rotisserie turkey breast. 

I added the peas and carrots to the chicken broth and let them slow cook while I prepared the pasta. 

Once the pasta finished cooking, I drained it and seasoned it with a little butter, salt and garlic powder. 

When it was time to serve it, I put some pasta in a bowl and spooned over the broth and vegies, then added some turkey pieces to top it off. 

Since this was my first time attempting this, I did not play around with seasoning.  Also I intentionally held back on the seasoning since we were all having flu like issues.  It had a fresh homemade taste and much to my delight, everyone loved it.  Moreover, we had more than enough to go around and at a very affordable cost. 

The next time I make this short-cut gluten free chicken soup (when we are not ill), I will likely add other ingredients (like celery and a little pepper, etc.).   Yum-yum!